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"An effective organization has a purpose that is shared by all its members and to which they will willingly commit their efforts. People working together can do almost anything." - James L. Hayes

As Director of Information and Litigation Technology, Mike O'Brien oversees the Firm's entire information technology platform in addition to creating, implementing and managing the Firm's litigation support strategy and solution set.

Mike provides strategic direction for a portfolio of information technology projects based upon business objectives.  Mike oversees projects and programs to implement comprehensive information technology solutions to business problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Under Mike’s leadership, Freeborn has developed a state-of-the-art e-Discovery processing lab, which provides a complete, in-house, cost-efficient capability for discovery data processing. With the benefit of the latest technology, Mike’s team of experts supports our clients’ demanding discovery needs around the clock.  For nearly a decade, Mike’s team has worked closely with the software developers of key e-Discovery applications to guide the design and development of products customized for the needs of our attorneys and clients. Through Mike and his team’s knowledge and experience of backend applications, they have created custom applications that add unique features and functionality.

Before joining Freeborn, Mike worked for Williams Lea where he developed and directed an in-house solution for processing electronic documents for discovery.

12 Oct News

Watch CLE Presentation on Techniques for Rapid, Efficient E-Discovery

In August, Freeborn held a CLE event with three groups of attorneys presenting. We recorded each presentation, which we will be sharing externally. You can watch our presentation on e-discovery, which features Todd J. Ohlms and Michael T. O'Brien. The presentation is titled, "E-Discovery Is Costing You, But It Doesn't Have To: Techniques for rapid, efficient e-discovery."
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