Bankruptcy Litigation

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Representative Matters

  • Forcing the involuntary bankruptcy, liquidation, and federal criminal investigation of a major real estate developer on behalf of the near largest office property developer and management company in the US, leading to full recovery of amounts due to our client.

  • Represented Creditor Trustee in bankruptcy of century-old manufacturing business and litigated more than 1,200 claims, including a fraudulent transfer claim in excess of $100 million.

  • Defeated multiple chapter 11 “cram-down” reorganization plans proposed by commercial borrowers on behalf of secured lender clients.

  • Obtained a $3.7 million judgment on behalf of a bankruptcy trustee against a bankrupt company’s president based on breach of fiduciary duty and fraud.

  • In April 2017,  first-chaired a bankruptcy fraud trial in the District of Kansas for the client, an automotive performance company. The debtor personally guaranteed his company's debt six-figure to our client, but refused to pay or reveal his assets. After a contentious trial, the bankruptcy court found the debtor guilty of lying about his assets in his bankruptcy filings and illegally transferring assets to his son prior to the bankruptcy. The court also burst Kansas' near complete homestead exemption, resulting in a full repayment to our client.

  • Represented a creditor, pursuing a debtor in bankruptcy court, uncovering multiple fraudulent actions by creditor, causing creditor to voluntarily waive his discharge.