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David M. Kaufman Quoted in Article about Payer ACA Concerns

02 Feb 2017

As the new administration continues to work with Republicans in Congress to hammer out plans for the future of America's healthcare system, insurers are eagerly awaiting changes. The task of coming into compliance with the many aspects of the Affordable Care Act required considerable effort, and payers are bracing themselves for drastic revisions - or even an outright appeal.

Managed Healthcare Executive recently spoke with a number of healthcare legal analysts to gauge the biggest concerns among health insurers should the government choose to repeal the ACA. Freeborn's David M. Kaufman, a Partner in the Healthcare Practice Group, spoke with the publication for the article, in which he provided his own insights, such as concerns over the elimination of subsidies that assist consumers in paying for healthcare premiums in the individual market. The article, which published in January, is titled "Four Things to Know: Payers' Biggest ACA Repeal Concern."

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