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Stines Writes about Legal Liability Implications for IT “Professionals”

16 Oct 2018

While the term "professional" previously was reserved for lawyers, doctors, accountants, architects, and perhaps clergy, the court system and insurance companies have expanded the term to include certain service providers, including individuals who provide a service in the IT field. According to Robert A. Stines, a member of the Litigation Practice Group and Emerging Technologies Industry Team, there is huge pressure on IT "professionals" to provide faster, better and more reliable services. And, similar to how customers and clients sue their attorneys and doctors, litigation against those who provide IT services may soon become more common. For IT professionals sued for negligence, the question becomes what would a reasonably careful IT specialist do? Mr. Stines' article on this topic, “Professional Liability in Information Technology,” was published Oct. 11 by the technology and enterprise news website for IT professionals, IT Business Net.

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