46th Annual Antitrust Law Institute

Event Date

May 2, 2005


Freeborn & Peters' Partner David Gustman will speak at the 46th Annual Antitrust Law Institute taking place in Chicago on May 2-3, 2005.  Mr. Gustman will discuss joint ventures and other competitor collaborations including:

  • Antitrust standards governing:
    - Formation of joint venture
    - Ancillary restraints in joint venture agreements
    - Conduct of joint ventures
  • The Joint DOJ/FTC Competitor Collaboration Guidelines
  • Recent judicial developments and enforcement actions

Why You Should Attend

With antitrust enforcement still active at all levels, this year's Institute will examine - with emphasis on basic principles and current developments - the elements of antitrust violations involving competitors, the legality of various restraints on customers and suppliers, current merger risks, the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property law, competitor collaborations, increased vertical restraint law enforcement and the strategies and priorities of the antitrust enforcers. Hear from nationally-known practitioners and key government regulators.

What You Will Learn

  • Recent decisions addressing standards for rule of reason analysis, conspiracy, joint ventures, resale price maintenance, tying, price discrimination and merger analysis
  • How to deal effectively with government investigations and private antitrust litigation
  • Current areas of federal and state enforcement interest, including health care, competitor collaborations, intellectual property and technology restraints, and parallel conduct in concentrated industries
  • Antitrust risk for leading firms: Shifting standards for "dominant" firms
  • Collaborations with competitors: Avoiding antitrust pitfalls
  • Antitrust compliance and business ethics
  • International developments - what you need to know!
  • Opportunity to hear directly from antitrust regulators on key issues

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for in-house corporate counsel and attorneys in the government and private practice.