The CFO Playbook on Cloud: The Legal Issues CFOs Must Know About Webcast

Event Date

October 7, 2013


Andrew L. Goldstein, a Partner in the Corporate Practice Group at Freeborn, is a panelist in the webcast event, "The CFO Playbook on Cloud: The Legal Issues CFO's Must Know About."

About CFO Playbook:

As more companies become dependent on cloud-based services, CFOs must take a more forceful role in asking tough questions before jumping on the bandwagon. These and other worrisome data security, litigation and regulatory exposures require more systematic identification, assessment and mitigation. During this Webcast, a distinguished panel of experts will address:

  • The legal risks that confront both providers and tenants of cloud services;
  • How to assess a vendor's security protocols and operational practices to limit security and other risks;
  • The regulations currently on the books affecting cloud users in different industries, and those in the offing (The European Union is at work on a cloud-based uniform model);
  • Contract due diligence, risk management and best practices; and
  • Licensing restrictions and patent issues in the cloud environment.

For more information or to register online, please visit the CFO website (registration is complimentary).