Competitive Intelligence China Conference

09 Nov 2004
November 9, 2004 | 6:00pm

Discover practical applications, strategies, and real-world tactics to conducting business in China

Manufacturers are boldly capitalizing on the Chinese economic boom, growing business resources, and developing competitive advantages. How are these pioneers expanding business and increasing profits, and what is the direct effect on domestic operations?

Become familiar with the Chinese business frontier and learn how your business may be a part of capturing this growth opportunity. Arm your manufacturing operations with industry knowledge and support from an international tax and legal perspective.

This is an opportunity to discuss potential business ventures, tax, and legal issues pertaining to setting up a business on both sides of the Pacific. Our distinguished panel will answer your foreign investment questions and provide practical solutions to conducting business in China.

Featured Topics Include: Transfer Pricing In and Out of China, Structuring from a Tax Perspective, Corporate Structuring, Intellectual Property, Zones in China, and Chinese Culture.


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