Michael A. Moynihan and Edward J. Hannon to Speak at Taxation on Real Estate Conference

Event Date

May 14, 2009


The Standard Club, Chicago


Michael A. Moynihan and Edward J. Hannon are featured speakers at the 2009 Taxation on Real Estate Conference, sponsored by the Illinois CPA Society, to be held May 14, in Chicago.  

Mr. Moynihan will participate in a panel discussion on “Sorting Through a Distressed Real Estate Project,” which will cover:

  • What to do when a real estate project is not performing;
  • How the rights of creditors are negotiated;
  • The alternatives of the lender;
  • How the debtor can negotiate its survival; and
  • The income tax “traps,” as well as the opportunities, of a distressed project.

Mr. Hannon’s presentation is titled, “Private Capital, “Vulture Funds” and Related Structuring Issues,” and he will:

  • Discuss how the current economic environment has many real estate professionals evaluating use of funds to capitalize various opportunities; and
  • Explore both the core concepts common to multi-asset real estate funds and special structural issues that may be raised by specific types of investors.

Mr. Moynihan co-heads Freeborn's Real Estate Practice Group.  Mr. Hannon is a Partner in the Corporate and Real Estate Practice Groups.