The OffshoreAlert Conference London 2014

Event Date

November 10, 2014


The Bloomsbury Hotel, London


Neal H. Levin, Team Leader of Freeborn’s Fraud and Internal Investigations Practice Group and a member of both the Litigation and Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice Groups, will present at The OffshoreAlert Conference London 2014.

"We specialize in providing no-nonsense information that you typically don't hear in a public forum for fear of offending powerful people or businesses," said David Marchant, OffshoreAlert's Owner and Editor. "We're not concerned with protocol and catering to the sensibilities of the powers-that-be. Our only goal is to provide accurate, credible and up-to-date information to help attendees make better decisions when conducting business in international financial centres, particularly offshore jurisdictions." 

There will be a variety of sessions for providers, clients and investigators of financial products and services. All with a view to helping them reduce their risk of becoming a victim of fraud and, if that has already happened, providing a road-map to recovering assets. 

Other sessions will include:

  • An Investigator's Guide to Offshore Financial Centres;
  • Bitcoin: Its Role in Financial Crime & How To Trace Transactions Back to Individuals;
  • Inside Cayman's Hedge Fund Industry;
  • The Channel Islands Stock Exchange Scandal: An Analysis;
  • How I Caught 'The Wolf of Wall Street';
  • How To Detect Investment Fraud 100% of the Time (Or Close To It);
  • Tracing USD Wire Transfers Through Intermediary Bank Discovery;
  • Corruption & Match-Fixing in Football: How Big is the Problem?;
  • Why Do The Chinese & Other Foreigners Flock to the BVI?;
  • Litigation Funding: An In-Depth Look at the Industry;
  • Offshore Financial Intelligence Units: Are They Busy & With What Type of Activity?; 
  • The Hunt for Offshore Tax Evaders & Those Who Assist Them; 
  • The Magnitsky Murder: A Window Into Russian Money Laundering; 
  • China: A New Frontier For Asset Recovery Professionals; 
  • Europe's 'Right to be Forgotten' Ruling: Will It Allow Reprobates to Conceal Their Pasts From Clients & Investigators?

To register or find out more about The 3rd Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe, visit The OffShoreAlert Conference London 2014 website.