Significant Issues in Fraudulent Transfer Actions: What You Need to Know in 2015 Live Webcast

Event Date

July 17, 2015


Recently, the 2014 amendments to the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act were approved; renaming the Act as Uniform Voidable Transfer Act (UVTA).  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued a decision, by applying the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Stern v. Marshall to fraudulent transfer claims, stating that a bankruptcy court could not constitutionally enter a final judgment on a fraudulent transfer claim under Stern until the fraudulent transfer was resolved.

This CLE course provides an overview and comprehensive discussion of various significant issues concerning fraudulent transfer actions. Our panel of key thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will discussion the fundamentals and review updates regarding the latest Significant Issues in Fraudulent Transfer Actions. The speakers will explain the amendments and their effect on current financial transactions and the law of voidable transfers, and help you to avoid common pitfalls and risks and offer best practices in dealing with Fraudulent Transfers.

Key topics include:

  • Fraudulent Transfer Actions - An Overview
  • Recent  Fraudulent Transfer Claims
  • Effect of Fraudulent Transfer Actions
  • Risks, Remedies and Implications
  • Allocation of Standard and Burden of Proof
  • Up to the Minute Regulatory Developments
  • Possible Lawsuits and Penalties

Freeborn attorneys Shelly DeRousse and Ryan Blackney will serve as panelists for this webinar. 

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