Construction and Development of Facilities

To meet exacting requirements, transportation companies call on Freeborn to help acquire, build, and operate facilities. Our real estate and land use experience helps our clients overcome regulatory hurdles, secure expeditious government approvals, obtain financial incentives, and win public support when necessary.

Specific areas of experience include:

  • Acquisition
  • Disposition
  • Financing
  • Construction Contracting and Litigation
  • Environmental Regulation

Securing Financial Incentives

Should our clients be considering site locations in particular areas, we help identify existing incentives at the state, local, and federal levels that may be available. Gaining these inducements often involves specific legal requirements, application processes and certain costs. We counsel clients on the best incentives given their situations and can assist in the process to secure them.

Avoiding or Securing Local Regulatory Approvals

We advise clients on the best practices to obtain local regulatory approvals and in the effective use of ICCTA preemption. We counsel companies on land use and zoning alternatives that align well with their strategic growth plans, and assist clients on building community support and collaborative efforts with local stakeholders.