Creating New Strategies and Relationships to Succeed Under ACA

Many healthcare companies are responding to the pressures and opportunities of healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act by adopting new business strategies, including introducing new products, targeting new customers, and entering newgeographies.

Strategies may require players in healthcare to make dramatic shifts, such as changing the rules and measures that govern their own or their partners’ delivery of services; engaging in relationships with entirely new business entities; or combining with other organizations so as to compete at a larger scale.

Members of Freeborn’s Healthcare Practice Group can help healthcare executives proceed with confidence by helping them address a range of questions, including:

  • Business Status: To put our new strategy into action efficiently and effectively, do we need a new structure or perhaps even an entirely type of entity? Does our strategy depend upon combining or partnering with others?
  • Regulatory Considerations: What new regulatory obligations may be triggered if we change our business model? What if we take on entirely new responsibilities, such as carrying insurance-type risk?
  • Potential Partners: If we are adopting a new strategy, which possible business partners should we consider? And which should we avoid? How will the right partner help us create the best structure to compete?
  • Governing Contracts: How should we frame agreements with new partners to maximize the likelihood of success? And should we change agreements with our existing partners?
  • Potential Transactions: Should we consider combining or merging with another entity to fulfill our strategy? What issues should we consider when contemplating whether to sell our company or purchase another company?

Freeborn’s healthcare attorneys have helped to organize and oversee hundreds of new business arrangements among payers, providers, and others, from the formation of new entities to novel types of contracts among business partners. They can help you apply an approach that is practical, far-sighted, and informed by years of experience.