Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

At Freeborn, our clients operate in diverse sectors of industry, including finance, healthcare, education, e-commerce, software, and insurance, and while Cybersecurity threats do not discriminate amongst industry, effective legal counsel cannot take a “cookie-cutter” approach in proactively or reactively confronting these threats. Freeborn’s cybersecurity attorneys’ vast experience working with clients to address the specific statutory, regulatory and business-minded considerations in orchestrating cybersecurity preparedness or which may be triggered by a data security incident, allow them to provide legal guidance efficiently and effectively. 

Ransomware, Banking Trojans, Phishing campaigns, Brute Force intrusions, and amalgamated attack vectors are all alive and well in the quiver of nefarious bad actors. Freeborn has experience in responding to each of these attack vectors and working with our client to lead its response including computer forensics investigations, advising clients on regulatory compliance requirements, responding to any regulatory inquiries or governmental investigations and doing so with a mindset to mitigate loss and avoid litigation. However, if need be, we stand ready willing and able to unleash our litigation prowess to resolve any ensuing civil privacy actions.

Fighting cybercrime cannot be done lightly as the potential damage and exposure of a successful attack can be great. It is one reason why Freeborn has built its cybersecurity practice with some of the best attorneys with extensive experience as former federal prosecutors, former members of the FBI’s cybercrimes task force, computer science majors and practitioners with years of data security incident response experience.

At Freeborn, we advise and work with our clients to prepare and update comprehensive Incident Response Plans, implement administrative policies which meet their regulatory obligations under GLBA, HIPAA, FERPA, SEC, FTC, FDIC and any other applicable regulatory requirements, and insulate their business from unnecessary cyber risk through data inventories and data flow audits. We ultimately drive success by facilitating communication between business operation, IT and other stakeholders to take a pragmatic approach to cybersecurity awareness and protection that allows us to provide legal counsel that has true value and results.