Emerging Industry Consulting

Emerging and innovating industries often raise new, and unique, legal matters and concerns. Freeborn has been active in assisting clients participating in emerging industries in addressing such legal matters for many years and has developed significant experience in many of today’s emerging industries.

At Freeborn, we understand that in today’s ever-changing marketplace existing businesses and industries will continually evolve and new ones will arise. More importantly, with evolution and innovation comes new, and unique, legal questions/concerns that call for experienced legal guidance. Our Emerging Industries Team focuses on staying in front of the legal needs of such emerging industries and how those legal issues affect such industries and their participants. 

The firm’s Emerging Industries Team attorneys have experience in the following emerging industries:

The firm’s Emerging Industries Team is made up of attorneys from across the firm who have a true passion for assisting participants in, and answering the unique legal needs of, emerging industries. Additionally, because the group is made up of experienced attorneys from different practice backgrounds (including litigation, intellectual property, corporate, securities and employment, among other areas) they are able to apply their high level, multi-disciplinary, experience to help answer the unique legal needs facing these emerging industries.