Environmental Permitting, Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement

Freeborn's regulatory team includes a former Illinois Environmental Protection Agency attorney, former Illinois Assistant Attorney General for the Environmental Bureau, and former in-house counsel of a leading waste handling and disposal company. We have invaluable knowledge when representing clients before environmental agencies and governmental bodies, and assisting businesses in this highly-regulated industry.

Industry is facing increased regulation and scrutiny on a Federal, State and local level, requiring implementation of programs and procedures to ensure full compliance with all legal requirements. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients on compliance with all environmental laws, and defend clients in administrative and civil enforcement actions involving allegations of noncompliance.

Environmental Justice (EJ) is the cornerstone of the Biden Administration's environmental policy. Heightened permit application reviews are becoming commonplace in EJ areas, and frequently involve performing air dispersion modeling and a health impact analysis. Freeborn's attorneys have been working closely with industry and regulators from the Federal, State and local levels in navigating the EJ analysis process and negotiating permit conditions that reflect actual risks from the operating entity, while mitigating onerous regulatory requirements and emission limits.

Our Environmental Permitting, Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement attorneys also provide counsel on compliance and permitting matters such as:

  • Voluntary clean-up programs
  • Release reporting
  • Hazardous waste regulation
  • Air emissions
  • Wastewater discharges
  • Manufacturing notification
  • Registration and labeling
  • Protection of endangered and threatened species
  • Environmental siting and land use
  • Wetlands

We assist clients with the complex land use, public relations and political issues pertaining to the siting and development of landfills, waste incinerators and waste transfer stations. We also advise clients on conducting environmental audits and self-disclosure to governmental agencies under Federal and State audit rules.