International Arbitration

International transactions are the lifeblood of business in today's global marketplace, and international arbitration is a key component of these transactions. At Freeborn & Peters LLP, we specialize in helping clients in all aspects of international dispute resolution.

We have broad experience advising and representing clients in multiple industries in matters involving major international arbitral bodies, including the International Chamber of Commerce Court of Arbitration, International Centre for Dispute Resolution, London Court of International Arbitration, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, and Qatar International Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration. Our approach includes advising clients at the contract formation stage to identify jurisdictions and legal principles relevant to the dispute and enforcement of any eventual awards, and our team has appeared for clients in arbitral proceedings around the world, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. We have experience in the successful arbitration of disputes and procurement of arbitral awards as well as in the successful enforcement/defense of those awards in the United States and abroad.

We recognize that efficient and cost-effective resolution of business disputes is a hallmark of arbitration. We draw on our experience and expertise to craft solutions to meet those objectives in international disputes. We begin with assisting clients to develop and employ appropriate arbitration agreements in business contracts, focusing on the strategic issues of jurisdiction, governing law and enforceability. Procedurally, we approach arbitration from a practical perspective, employing tribunal formation strategies to ensure prompt resolution of disputes and advocating the adoption of reliable procedural and evidentiary rules, such as the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration, to streamline and focus the process.

Substantively, Freeborn draws on the experience of our lawyers in all disciplines to advise and represent clients in a broad range of matters, including antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, contract and commercial, intellectual property and real estate matters. In addition, we have particular and extensive experience and expertise in international reinsurance arbitrations, representing domestic and international ceding
companies and reinsurers in proceedings in the United States and abroad.