Legal Cannabis

Today, 30 states and the District of Columbia currently have laws broadly legalizing the cultivation and sale of cannabis in some form and the list of states continues to grow. This has resulted in the creation of a multi-billion dollar legal cannabis industry.

However, the regulatory environment concerning this industry varies from state to state and is often in flux. Moreover, federal laws still prohibit the cultivation and sale of cannabis and the penalties for failing to meet applicable state/federal regulations can be extremely severe; including criminal prosecution. As a result, those looking to do business in, or otherwise with businesses participating in, this emerging industry need experienced counsel to help them avoid potentially harsh landmines waiting for the unwary.

Our clients include companies participating in the cultivation, production and sale of cannabis and cannabis related products as well as those looking to lend money to/invest in such companies. As a full service law firm we are able to leverage the experience and knowledge of our attorneys across multiple disciplines to help our clients navigate the unique needs of the emerging, and constantly changing, legal cannabis industry.