Public Finance

Other team members have either advanced degrees in taxation or are certified public accountants -- experience that helps serve our client's diverse needs. For example, our public finance capabilities run the gamut including tax and revenue-backed securities including:

  • General obligation bond issues
  • Bond anticipation notes
  • Municipal commercial paper
  • Special district and tax increment bonds
  • Arena and convention center bonds
  • Healthcare
  • Higher education and other 501(c)(3) conduit financings
  • Infrastructure financings, including water and sewer bonds
  • Transportation financing, including toll road and rail bonds
  • Single and multi-family housing bonds
  • A wide variety of municipal derivative products

We match our experience to our clients' needs and, as a result, serve as bond counsel, issuer’s counsel, disclosure counsel, swap counsel, underwriters’ counsel, trustee counsel and borrower’s counsel in conduit financings. Additionally, we act as underwriters’ counsel for several major national and regional investment banking firms.
Our experience includes serving as bond counsel or issuer’s counsel for political subdivisions throughout Illinois. Issuers include traditional political bodies such as states, counties, cities and school districts, as well as numerous special-purpose financing authorities such as state housing financing agencies and redevelopment authorities. We've worked with conduit issuers on all types of projects, ranging from borrowings to financing manufacturing facilities for large and small businesses to significant housing financings on behalf of municipalities. In fact, we've represented several Illinois authorities, including the Will-Kankakee Regional Development Authority and the Quad Cities Regional Economic Development Authority. We've also represented the University of Illinois on many of its bond issues as special issuer’s counsel and swap counsel. Other representative transactions include the University of Illinois Hospital and the University’s South Campus Development Project.