Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

We provide a comprehensive Purchasing Law and Supply Chain practice -- unique in the legal industry -- representing the purchasing and selling arms of both private and public major corporations.  We help food companies manage their relationships with suppliers by focusing attention on the specific business and legal terms of their agreements and in tenacious defense of their interests when disputes arise.

We help our clients not only buy and sell their goods but create an approach that includes both strategy and process for their long-term benefit.

Our services include counseling and preparation of documents including:

  • Master supply agreements

  • Software licenses

  • Model invoice and purchase orders

  • Termination and breach letters

  • Warranty matters in areas as diverse as appliances, telecommunications, software, fuel, transportation, food, automotive, biotech and pharmaceuticals.

We also help companies with strategic purchasing issues and with structuring creative purchasing entities, such as e-commerce marketplaces (consistent with antitrust and other applicable law), as well as handling the significant, high-stakes litigation that arises from supply chain failures. In our experience, many of the most complicated projects begin with a projected change in a relationship, such as when a purchasing company terminates a supplier. At that point, a company’s options range from amending or redrafting an agreement to litigation. We are experienced in litigating and drafting on the same project, and believe these unknown issues require both sets of skills.

The nature of the practice means that we work closely with other areas of concentration in our firm to meet a client’s complete service needs including trade regulation ( including antitrust), distributor law, bankruptcy and international trade.