Real Estate Finance

We help companies secure the debt and equity financing they need to operate and expand their operations in the most efficient manner. We also protect their interests when those to whom they extend credit default on their obligations.

We represent developers, property owners, operating businesses and lessees of real estate in a wide range of sophisticated transactions, including:

Real Estate Finance

We have extensive experience in all areas of real estate lending, including construction, “mini-perm” and permanent loans, mezzanine loans, transitional bridge financing, preferred equity and ground leases. 

Lease Finance 

We represent lessors, lessees and investors in a wide spectrum of lease transactions, including operating leases, leveraged leases, synthetic leases, finance leases, tax-oriented leases, municipal leases and sale-leasebacks. 

Municipal Finance

The Group represents developers and operating businesses in connection with the issuance of general obligation, revenue and special purpose bonds as well as with the issuance of letters of credit for the construction of manufacturing and industrial facilities, low-income housing developments, special service areas and major non-profit cultural institutions. 

Structured Finance 

The Group represents sponsors and borrowers in substantially all areas of finance, including conventional secured and unsecured lending, syndicated credit facilities, letters of credit, bank-sponsored lease finance and securitization.