Trade Secret Protection and Enforcement

Sometimes your company’s most valuable business assets consist of information that your competitors have not been able to figure out.  You need to identify these secrets and take steps to ensure that the critical information remains secret. Freeborn’s trade secret team can help you create an effective policy for locking down your company’s trade secrets—which will ensure that your company can keep its competitive edge.

The key to an effective trade secret program is—not surprisingly—figuring out how to keep valuable secrets from getting out. Freeborn’s trade secret team has extensive experience in helping clients develop corporate secrecy policies that are both effective and practical.

Our trade secret team includes lawyers with experience in drafting and enforcing non-disclosure clauses and non-compete provisions in employment agreements. We also have experience in helping clients to assert (or defend against) corporate theft claims between competitors. We have a winning track record in state and federal jurisdictions across the country.