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Who Deserves the Windfall?

Today, insurance companies that cover patients' medical bills commonly receive discounts from hospitals and other health care providers. Michael K. Beard, The Impact of Changes in Health Care Provider Reimbursement Systems on the Recovery of Damages for Medical Expenses in Personal Injury Suits. Consequently, the initial hospital bill of a personal injury plaintiff might be notably higher than the amount actually paid by the plaintiff's insurer. Should this benefit be passed on to a negligent defendant, by limiting the plaintiff's recovery to the discounted amount? Or should the plaintiff be able to seek the amount of the initial hospital bill, regardless of the actual costs incurred? In other words, who deserves the windfall?
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26 May News

Another Victory for the Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Creditors' Rights Practice Group

When a large telecommunication company recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, another telecommunication company retained Freeborn & Peters LLP to protect its rights as a “utility” under Section 366 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, as amended by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention & Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (“BAPCPA”), and as the single largest unsecured creditor of the debtor.
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24 May News

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Liquidation Plan

The firm had success in a complicated chapter 11 bankruptcy involving a client borrower, which owned a portfolio of real estate, including office buildings, grocery stores and urban entertainment centers located in several states, valued at more than $300 million.
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