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24 Nov News

Defamation Claim Directed Verdict

Following a two week jury trial in Will County, Judge James Garrison directed a verdict in favor of our client, James Clarage, on a defamation per se claim brought against him by an attorney in Ottawa, Illinois.
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23 Nov News

Wrongful Death Action Dismissed

Today, we won a decisive victory for our client. Plaintiff's estate brought a wrongful death action against our client seeking millions of dollars and alleging that our client did not provide sufficient security for their employee, who was murdered at one of the client's facilities.
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20 Nov News

Investment Accounts Mismanagement Summary Judgment

On Friday Judge Walter in Lake County granted summary judgment in favor of our client, The Northern Trust, on all remaining counts alleging mismanagement of the investment accounts of the plaintiff, Dr. Ryan. In this lawsuit Dr. Ryan (a retired plastic surgeon) sought more than a million dollars in actual damages, plus punitive damages, attorney fees and costs Until the court ruled in favor of the Northern on Friday, the case was set for a multi-week jury trial later this month.
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18 Nov News

Appellate Court Victory

The team of Paul Hybel, Tony Carballo, and Catherine Miller recently won an Illinois Appellate Court victory for Roger Bickel's client, James Clarage.
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05 Nov News

Wrongful Death Summary Judgment Obtained

Summary judgment was obtained for our client in a wrongful death/survival action pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Plaintiffs claimed that a three year-old girl died as a result of a house fire allegedly started by her twin sister, who was purportedly playing with a utility lighter designed and marketed by our clients.
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