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Plaintiff May Lose Right to Voluntarily Dismiss

Although a plaintiff may have a right to voluntarily dismiss the case without prejudice under Section 2-1009 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure, that right can instead be denied if the plaintiff didn't replead within a time specified by the Court. Smith v. Central Illinois Regional Airport.
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Partner Andy Goldstein was elected to the Board of Directors of the Chicago Software Association.
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Jurisdiction to Modify?

The Illinois Appellate Court held that a circuit court lacked jurisdiction to modify the terms of an earlier order awarding $500,000 in attorney's fees.
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Does an Email Satisfy the Statute of Frauds?

The Seventh Circuit holds that emails, sent by a manufacturer's employee to a supplier, referencing quantities of goods greater than those listed on the relevant purchase orders but consistent with the supplier's order acknowledgment satisfied the statute of frauds.
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