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September News

01 Sep Insight

Pleading Pitfalls

This month we address defects commonly found in answers and affirmative defenses. Moreover, these are not just isolated oversights which can always be cured with impunity.
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August News

01 Aug Insight

Chatting About the College Mascot Prohibited?

The United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois held that a university chancellor's preclearance directive banning all speech directed toward prospective student athletes without prior permission violated the First Amendment rights of university students and faculty members who wished to contact prospective athletes to inform them of their belief that university mascot degraded Native Americans.
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01 Aug Insight

Recoverable Costs

In a recent opinion, Judge Alesia of the Northern District of Illinois issues an opinion that provides guidance as to what costs a...
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July News

08 Jul News

Beyond the Courtroom

Partner Michael Freeborn discussed how a growing number of attorneys are forsaking lawsuits laden with heavy billable hours for something more financially rewarding: maintaining a long-term advisory role with business clients.
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June News