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Attorney's Lien Action Does Not Equal Breach of Contract Action

The Illinois Supreme Court held that an attorney's lien asserted by private lawyers hired by the State of Illinois to sue the tobacco industry under a contingency fee arrangement is not a claim against the State. The Court rejected the State's argument that the attorneys had to prosecute their lien in the Court of Claims.
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01 Jan Insight

Which Statute of Limitations?

The Illinois Appellate Court held that a four-year statute of limitations, as opposed to a ten-year statute of limitations for breach of contract actions, applied to a dispute over a construction contract between the water reclamation district and a construction company.
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December News

01 Dec Insight

More Confusion on "Scope of Coverage"

When seeking coverage for a continuous environmental loss spanning over multiple policy periods, the First District held that the policyholder must exhaust all available primary insurance in the triggered policy periods, including periods when it was uninsured or self-insured, before excess policies can come into play.
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November News

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"Relation Back"

You inadvertently named the wrong defendant in a timely filed lawsuit, but thereafter you named the proper defendant in an amended...
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