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Freeborn Announces Its Alternative Fee-Based Advocacy™ Program

08 Nov 2013

The Chicago-based law firm of Freeborn & Peters LLP today announced the formal introduction of its Alternative Fee-Based Advocacy™ Program.

Most commercial litigation is billed on an hourly basis, and the firm has found that this arrangement works well for many clients.  However, Freeborn & Peters recognizes that many clients are seeking alternative means for paying for their litigation matters. Therefore, the Firm will gladly explore a variety of alternative and risk-sharing arrangements, including fixed fees; contingent fees; discounted fees coupled with a success fee; and hybrid arrangements that are designed to suit a client’s specific needs.

Our “star” trial attorneys have amassed an impressive record of litigation and trial victories for which Freeborn has become known throughout the business and legal communities. These victories have involved a wide range of complex business disputes and have been fought and won across the nation.  The successes we have achieved on behalf of our clients have covered the complete spectrum of dispute resolution. These include success in the early stages of litigation, as well as in arbitration, mediation, or ultimately, trial at both the state and Federal levels.

Most cases do not go to trial. However, we have found that the most successful litigation strategy is one in which the key facts are identified early in the case and from day one our client’s story is developed as if it will be told to a judge or jury. This means that:

  • We view the discovery process as a way to uncover the facts and tell our client’s story. It is not a means unto itself.
  • Our opponents know that we are ready, willing, and more than able to convince a judge or jury that our client’s story will prevail.
  • Because of our trial experience and approach, our clients enjoy a significant advantage when settlement discussions commence.

Unlike most larger firms, we do not believe that deploying large teams of litigators is the key to success. In fact, we believe the opposite is true. For our clients, this means that:

  • Our trial teams are led by a seasoned trial attorney who is a Partner in our firm.
  • The team is staffed with a small number of hand-picked partners and/or associates who form a cohesive group that is wholly dedicated to your success.

Further details of the Alternative Fee-Based Advocacy Program™ are attached.

For more information, please contact:

David Gustman, Head of the Litigation Practice Group, [email protected], (312) 360-6515, or Michael Kelly, Co-Managing Partner, [email protected], (312) 360-6554.

“Alternative Fee-Based Advocacy™ Program” is a trademark of Freeborn & Peters LLP.