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Since the firm’s inception in 1983, everyone who has passed through the halls of Freeborn & Peters LLP has become part of the “Freeborn Family.” Even though we may not see each other very often, we want our family to stay interconnected, informed, and enabled.

The goal of this community is to continue to foster the connections you have already made at Freeborn, and forge news ones, well into the future. From a membership directory, to regular educational and social events, to campaigns promoting our alumni, we invite you to take part in the Freeborn Alumni Program. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Brad Bergmooser

Alumni Spotlight:
Brad Bergmooser

Tell us about your involvement with any outside organizations or community service.
I’m very proud to lead an organization that, along with member service and talent development, judges its success based on community service.  The organizations we support are primarily focused on the communities we serve, and are too numerous to mention.  In 2019, Financial Plus contributed over 800 hours and $85,000 towards charitable causes, and look to increase our involvement this year.