Andrew Goldstein Writes about Privileged Communications Between a PR firm and its client or attorneys

Against the backdrop of the recent California case of Stardock Systems Inc. v. Ford et al, Andrew L. Goldstein, a member of the Corporate Practice Group, writes about how various courts are looking at communications between a client or its attorneys and its PR firm, and when communications are protected as confidential by the attorney-client privilege. In his article published by O'Dwyer's PR News, Mr. Goldstein reviews the Stardcok Systems decision, pointing out that the court held that communications between a PR firm and its client were protected by the attorney-client privilege because the client's counsel, rather than the client itself, hired the firm to provide PR counseling specifically for the purposes of litigation strategy in the pending case. Mr. Goldstein also reviews other recent cases that reached different results, and offers best practices that clients can take when dealing with PR firms to help ensure that their communications are shielded from discovery. The article, "PR Firms and Attorney-Client Privilege," was published Jan. 8, 2019. To read the article, click here.