Client Alert: COVID-19 Insurance Update: More Court Decisions on Insureds’ Claims Against Their Property Insurance Policies for Coverage of Their COVID-19 Losses

A great deal of money is at stake between property insurers and the businesses they insure in those insureds’ lawsuits over whether business-interruption or civil-authority insurance covers the businesses’ substantial and widespread loss of revenue resulting from their closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. We reported in a prior alert that the first five judicial decisions on these disputes went 4 to 1 in the insurers’ favor, summarily rejecting even the possibility of insurance coverage for these losses. The next twenty-six decisions have largely gone the insurers' way, 19 to 7. The 8 total decisions won by an insured mean that these insureds will have the opportunity to prove their case, which they may succeed in accomplishing in the end – but perhaps they will not. Learn more in this Client Alert written by Freeborn Partner Patrick Frye.

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