Development News - Second Edition 2012

In this issue:

  • Finding Leverage to Overcome Real Estate Frustration: Using "Borrower Recapitalization" to Acquire Distressed Properties Held by Intransigent Owners
  • Trend Report: Development Issues our Clients are Talking About:
    • Client Alert: Illinois Bankruptcy Court Case That Affects Mortgages
    • Rethinking Waivers of Covenants to Construct
    • New Chicago Real Estate Transfer Rules: A Headache for Some, New Business for Others
  • Spotlight on the F&P Real Estate Practice Group:
    • Freeborn & Peters Named One of the Top Real Estate Law Firms in the Midwest
    • "Crossing the Equity Gap: Financial Incentives for Historic Rehabilitation" - A Webinar Presented by F&P.
    • F&P Attorneys Join the Ranks of Prestigious Real Estate Boards and Organizations

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