Estate Planning Continues to be Affected by Recent Events: Low Valuations, Lower Interest Rates, Great Opportunities, and the Great GRAT

Estate Planning in the second quarter of 2020 continues to be impacted by recent events. This Client Alert, written by Michael Whitty, provides information on five hot topics:

  1. Market Conditions Affecting Valuations for Estate and Gift Tax Transfers
  2. Potential Estate and Gift Tax Savings From Intrafamily Loans and Loan Refinancing using Low Interest Rates
  3. The Great GRAT Giveaway: Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (“GRATs” Are Ideally Suited For Current Market and Interest Rate Conditions)
  4. Formalities of Execution of Health Care Documents and Estate Plans Adapted to Reflect Separation Required by Coronavirus
  5. Life Insurance Affected by Market Conditions and Interest Rates

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