Freeborn & Peters LLP Introduces Its Newest Branding Campaign - "Power & Finesse"

Clients seek a strong law firm as much as they seek one with the knowledge of how best to use its strength. Finding a law firm that understands the balance is a critical step to success.

With the beginning of a new year, Freeborn & Peters introduces its newest branding campaign - an  image that embodies the concepts of "power & finesse."

About "Power & Finesse"

For more than two decades, Freeborn & Peters has served as both advisor and advocate for its clients. Throughout thousands of engagements with both large institutions and smaller, privately held enterprises, we have learned that there is a common need among our clients.

Whether they require direct litigation or subtle negotiation, insight into transaction structuring, or a complete restructuring, they look for balance in our abilities to be both aggressive and wise, strong and smart, proactive and strategically reactive. We've come to understand this as "power & finesse."