Freeborn & Peters' Partner Randy Vickery is Recognized as one of the "Best of Law Firm Leaders in Marketing"

Freeborn & Peters' Partner, and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Randy Vickery is recognized as one of the "Best of Law Firm Leaders in Marketing" by American Lawyer Media's, November 2004 issue of the Law Journal Newsletters.

Distinguished two years ago for being one of the youngest chairman of a U.S. law firm, Mr. Vickery continues to catch people's attention for his business savvy leadership style and its impact on the Firm.

As mentioned in the article, one of Mr. Vickery's main goals was to carry on the tradition of the six founding fathers of the Firm who were in his word "more businessmen than lawyers."

Through Mr. Vickery's leadership, the Firm has continued to grow and thrive. From partners to associates, attorneys are encouraged and "incentivized" to bring in business for which they receive business development credit.  In addition, the Firm's compensation system is one that supports a business model that rewards marketing efforts.

Because of Randy Vickery's leadership, Marketing the Law Firm recognizes Randy Vickery as having outstanding leadership in marketing and how it impacts every aspect of the growth, prosperity and profitability of a law firm.