Ingram, Alley and Prindle Write Daily Business Review Article about Florida Insurer Bad Faith

In the commentary article “Florida Insurer Bad Faith — Stop the Blame Game,” published Dec. 11, 2019, by ALM’s Daily Business Review, Freeborn Partners Lawrence P. Ingram, Jessica Kirkwood Alley, and Hoyt L. Prindle III ask the question, “Should a liability insurer in Florida be allowed to blame retained defense counsel for the insurer’s bad faith?” According to the authors, the answer is no. Freeborn’s Tampa, Fla.-based litigators go on to explain in the article that public policy and practical considerations provide that an insurer’s obligations of good faith are personal to the insurer and nondelegable, and that Florida courts should not sanction the transfer of the insurers’ good faith obligations to defense counsel. To read the article, click here (subscription required).