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IRLA and AIRROC Reinsurance Arbitration Workshop Highlights

On October 4, 2016, The Insurance & Reinsurance Legacy Association (IRLA) and The Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Run Off Companies (AIRROC) came together in Munich, Germany to present a day-long exercise to educate the European audience about allocation issues that arise in reinsurance arbitration, and how those issues might be viewed by an arbitration panel.

Members of Freeborn's Insurance & Reinsurance Team played an integral role in the day, with four members of the group participating in the sessions. Joe McCullough, Bob Baratta, Jim Boland and Robin Dusek spoke on a variety of topics, as well as participated in a mock arbitration panel.

A recap of the day, authored by Robin Dusek, can be viewed by clicking the button below. 

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