Legal Trade Magazine Vanguard Profiles Steven Hartmann as Champion of Young Companies

As a litigator with success in countless trials in courtrooms across the country over his career spanning more than 35 years, Freeborn Partner and general counsel Steven M. Hartmann has found that working with young companies has been most rewarding. In a profile story about Mr. Hartmann published May 10, 2018, by the legal trade magazine Vanguard, Mr. Hartmann shares his experiences helping clients navigate the promises and pitfalls of growth. The story outlines his work that ranges from helping to solve problems involving a host of human resources issues, to managing lawsuits, to connecting young businesses with the resources and services they need to make that next leap. “I have a lot of friends from law school that wound up specializing in one or another area, and I’m sure that’s rewarding in its own right,” Mr. Hartmann is quoted in the story. “But I’ve always preferred a variety of challenges.”

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