Litigation Victory on Behalf of Our Client, a Franchise Chain Restaurant

After a nearly three year battle, our client, a franchise chain restaurant, has achieved a complete victory in a case in the United States District Court in San Antonio. Our client's longtime New Mexico franchisee asserted that it had been granted the exclusive development rights for the entire sale.  The franchisee not only sought additional development rights but also sought to prevent our client from opening any new restaurants in New Mexico.  The critical documents from 1994 and earlier had blanks, missing pages, and contradictory language and in some cases could not even be located in our files. After a portion of the franchisee's claim was dismissed on summary judgment, F&P partner Jeff Mayer, tried the remainder of the case after the Judge granted our motion to strike the jury demand.  The Court issued its ruling and extinguished the franchisee's claim in its entirety.  At the close of the trial, the Court commended our firm on its strong performance and level of advocacy.