O’Hara Quoted in New York Times Article about Deportation Fears of Obama-era Resettled Former Detainees

A recent deportation by Senegal of two former Guantánamo detainees resettled in that country late during the Obama presidency to their chaotic native country of Libya is raising concerns that resettlement of other former Guantánamo prison detainees to third countries could collapse and also force them back to unsafe places where they could be tortured or killed. One such former detainee from Tajikistan is a pro bono client of Freeborn Litigation Practice Group Partner Matthew J. O’Hara. In a New York Times article published April 23, 2018, Mr. O’Hara comments on his concern that his client would likely be persecuted or tortured if sent back from Serbia, where he was resettled as a free man in 2016, to his native country of Tajikistan, which revoked his citizenship.

To read the article, “Deported to Libya, Ex-Gitmo Detainees Vanish. Will Others Meet a Similar Fate?” click here.