O’Hara Writes Commentary on Anti-money Laundering and Suspicious Activity Reporting Requirements for U.S. Lawyers

The requirements for U.S. lawyers and law firms to report activities that assist in monitoring money laundering (AML) and terrorist activities lag behind similar reporting rules imposed upon lawyers in the European Union and United Kingdom. Matthew J. O’Hara, a member of the Litigation Practice Group, wrote a commentary article that questions why the American Bar Association (ABA) continues to oppose legislation that would impose some AML requirements on U.S. lawyers. In his article, Mr. O’Hara suggests there is a viable middle ground that would protect privileged communications and confidential information while advancing the interests of the legal profession and its law-abiding clients. The article, “There Is Viable Middle Ground For US Lawyers On AML Regimes,” was published April 13, 2018, by Law360.

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