Ohlms and O’Brien Discuss Importance and Management of E-discovery in Resolving Commercial Disputes

Nearly all business-related documents today are electronically stored information (ESI) such as emails, Excel files or Word documents. As a result, ESI is often the evidence that plays a key role in how a commercical dispute is resolved, and impropoer handling of e-discovery can result in higher costs for defense and possibly an offensive case being decided on preservation and collection efforts rather than on a case’s merits. Todd J. Ohlms, Co-Leader of the Commercial Litigation Team, and Michael T. O’Brien, Director of Information and Litigation Technology, provide insights on key issues, challenges and other facets involving e-discovery, as well as the importance of e-discovery in helping to resolve commercial disputes. The Q&A article, “Managing E-discovery in Commercial Disputes,” was published in the April-June 2016 issue of Corporate Disputes Magazine.

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