Partner Marc Zimmerman Interviewed by SHRM on Supreme Court Arbitration Ruling

Freeborn Partner and Leader of the firm's Labor and Employment Practice Group, Marc Zimmerman, was recently interviewed by SHRM for an article entitled, "Supreme Court Arbitration Ruling in Favor of Employee Called a Narrow Victory." The article details how the U.S. Supreme Court recently unanimously ruled that a baggage-handling supervisor who participated in loading and unloading cargo on and off planes transporting goods across state or international borders did not have to arbitrate her wage claims under the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA). According to Zimmerman, "the court did not find—but rather specifically rejected the employee's argument—that the exemption broadly applied to all airline employees who carry out the customary work of the airline, which the court noted would include virtually all employees of major transportation providers." To learn more or read the full article, click here.