Powerhouse Points: Quarterly Litigation Newsletter: Fall 2020


Freeborn's Litigation Practice Group's Quarterly Litigation Update, Powerhouse Points.

In this Issue:

  • "Boland and Ehrhart Share Key Takeaways from First Virtual Bench Hearing in Cook County" by James J. Boland and Katheleen A. Ehrhart
  • "NLRB Upholds Companies’ Social Media Policies Restricting What Their Employees Can Post On Social Media About The Company" by Matthew T. Connelly
  • "Sixth Circuit Affirms Finding of Validity of Hiller LLC’s Copyright" by Jeffrey J. Catalano and Jason P. Stearns
  • "FTC’s Proposed New “Made in U.S.A.” Rule Could Lead to an Increase in Government Enforcement and Expand Labeling Requirements" by Kimberly A. Beis

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Powerhouse Points is edited by Terrence J. Sheahan, Ryan W. Blackney, Meghan E. Tepas, Ryan G. Rudich and Hoyt L. Prindle III and produced quarterly.