Preliminary Injunction Motion Granted

Freeborn & Peters filed a motion for preliminary injunction on behalf of our client, McDonald’s Corporation, against MGA Entertainment, the licensor of the popular line of "Bratz" dolls. MGA had tried to terminate its license agreement with McDonald’s and sought to prohibit McDonald’s from running a Happy Meals promotion in May 2003 featuring the Bratz dolls. After weeks of intense discovery and three days of hearing, Judge Gettleman granted McDonald’s motion and enjoined MGA from preventing, hindering or otherwise interfering with the promotion.

All credit goes to John Lee, Michael Freeborn, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Rich Fiore, Michelle Mills, Toni Helton, Nora Keough and Toni Hartsell, all of whom worked tirelessly to obtain the great result. Also providing invaluable assistance were Mike Kornak, Josh Silverstein, Jonathan Coppess, Juthika Wise and Tom Wise. Also contributing to this effort were Ryan Darby, Amy Swano, Patricia Overlin, Alan Barlett, Brian Nettles, Wanda Vazquez, and Tatiana Caldas.