Robert Stines Interviewed by Bloomberg Law Regarding Victims of Cyberattacks Possibly Lacking Legal Remedies this Holiday Season

Freeborn Partner and Member of the firm's Emerging Industries Team, Robert Stines, was recently interviewed by Bloomberg Law for an article entitled, "Holiday DDoS Cyberattacks Can Hurt E-Commerce, Lack Legal Remedy." The feature discusses how cyberattacks will spike this holiday season due to online shopping, and how the culprits can often be hard to trace and the distributed denial-of-service attacks will disrupt online services.

Robert provided insight into cyberattacks from a legal perspective, noting that similar to data breach and ransomware, it's uncommon to see lawsuits against "bad actors" because you don't know who or where they are. To read the full article and learn more about the threat landscape, holiday hacking spike, and legal recourse, click here