Shapiro Writes About Valuable Lessons for Food Companies from Recent High-Profile Food Safety Mishaps

Recent FDA citations against Sullivan Harbor Farm for food safety-related lapses and the 2013 horse meat scandal in Europe are reminders that the acts of others outside the four walls of a food company’s own facilities can cause a food company great harm. It is important that food companies take heed of the lessons from these and other food adulteration or misbranding occurrences and focus on understanding and abiding by the laws, regulations, practices and protocols that govern food-related businesses. John Shapiro, a member of the Food Industry Team, writes about these lessons learned and the best practices for food companies’ ongoing assessments of their internal operations, as well as managing external relations with their suppliers. His article "A Tale of Food Safety Woes: This Ever Happen To You?" was published April 5, 2016, by Food Safety Magazine.

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