Watch Partners Dan Lanciloti and Rachel Atterberry Discuss Protecting Trade Secrets

The cost of intellectual property theft to U.S. businesses is estimated to be $300 billion a year. This figure has grown since the rise of the digital age, in which theft of trade secrets has become easier than ever. In today's world, businesses that depend on trade secrets need to protect themselves by instituting a variety of measures - including cybersecurity tactics - to ensure their sensitive IP does not fall into the wrong hands.

Recently, Freeborn attorneys Daniel F. Lanciloti, Partner in the Trade Secret and Restrictive Covenants Practice Team, and Rachel Atterberry, Partner in the Corporate and Litigation Practice Groups, co-presented a CLE program about protecting trade secret information. The program is titled "You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone: How to protect trade secrets and client relationships."

To watch the presentation, click here.