The Trial Network

Freeborn is proud to be the Northern and Central Illinois member firm of The Trial Network (formerly The Network of Trial Law Firms), the Chambers and Partners Band 1-ranked Leading Regional Law Firm Network.

The Trial Network Logo

Founded in 1993, the Network’s mission is to connect the world’s leading corporations with world-class legal specialists. The Network remains committed to the art of strengthening strategic business relationships amongst the country’s leading trial law firms. Across diverse geography and complementary practice specialties, our Network membership allows us the ability to offer our clients elite trial and litigation services from sophisticated and likeminded practitioners with experience comparable to ours.

Freeborn’s membership gives us access to 5,000 attorneys in 23 separate and independent trial law firms practicing in over 120 offices throughout the United States, as well as comprehensive educational programming available only to members and their clients. For over twenty-five years, the Network has maintained a strong commitment to member engagement and relations, facilitating events and seminars, such as the world-class ‘Litigation Management SuperCourse,’ which delivers comprehensive three-day CLE seminars conducted by thought leaders within litigation throughout the country, as well as other trial-related resources.

Chambers and Partners has recognized the Network as a “long-standing group comprising premier trial firms,” and its sources voiced praise for the Network’s “quality of members, especially their ‘knowledge and commitment to their clients’.”

Our membership in the Network reinforces our foothold as a Litigation Powerhouse®, not only in the Midwest, but throughout the United States.