Freeborn to Host Antitrust 2010: Antitrust Law in the New Decade

Event Date

May 18, 2010


Freeborn will host “Antitrust 2010: Antitrust Law in the New Decade” on May 18, 2010, which will include presentations from four leading authorities on antitrust law.

Spencer Weber Waller, Professor and Director, Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, will discuss the important consequences in antitrust enforcement brought about by the Obama Administration and the leading competition regimes around the world.

Jeffery M. Cross, Partner with Freeborn, will provide a synopsis of the amendments to the Horizontal Merger Guidelines and what the changes will mean for merger enforcement and for businesses contemplating the risks of Agency action for future transactions.

David C. Gustman, Partner with Freeborn, will discuss recent developments in antitrust class action law throughout the past decade that have given corporate defendants and their counsel some new tools to address the risks of extensive class-wide recovery and treble damages. The challenge for defendants and the defense bar will be the appropriate use of these tools.

Gene F. Zelek, Jr., Partner with Freeborn, an experienced pricing attorney and former marketing manager, will dispel common legal myths surrounding pricing law to provide no-nonsense guidance.