Crowdfunding has evolved well beyond its use as a vehicle for financing pet projects. In recent years, laws have changed to allow for a variety of equity crowdfunding options, providing new avenues for entrepreneurs, emerging companies and real estate developers, among others, to secure funding for large-scale endeavors. However, taking advantage of crowdfunding opportunities requires a knowledge of the law and an ability to navigate new regulations. 

Freeborn’s Emerging Industries Team assists various entities in all aspects of the crowdfunding process. Our attorneys are influential in the crowdfunding space, with our partner Anthony J. Zeoli having written the Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption, making equity crowdfunding in Illinois possible. Our crowdfunding knowledge spans all types of offerings, including real estate crowdfunding, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and Regulation A+ offerings.

Our clients include companies seeking to raise money using national and state crowdfunding exemptions, as well as the companies behind crowdfunding portals. For entities launching crowdfunding portals, we have represented internet portal owners in connection with the structuring of crowdfunding websites and the drafting of required federal/state and other disclosures. We also have represented multiple issuers in connection with the offering of securities through crowdfunding internet portals and the drafting of required federal/state and other disclosures. For companies seeking a larger financing option, we can assist with the structuring of Reg A+ offerings, which allow entities to raise up to $50 million.